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returned their census forms. the breakdown also looks good for the washington region. in virginia, 57% of the forms have been returned. while in maryland, 54% of household forms have been returned. in the district, the number is 47%. but if you are one of the millions that have yet to return yours, you may want to get on that. tracie potts is working the big story this afternoon and is live on capitol hill. hi, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon. today is not the deadline day yes. those numbers for maryland and virginia look good. they are above the national average. but this year, census officials say they think they may have a little more difficulty tracking people down because of the housing crisis. ♪ you probably heard those hip new ads and should have the census form by now. the government counts everyone live something the u.s. through april 1st which means this newborn will be one of the last ones counted. local officials are making a big deal at rallies all over the country today and here is why. >> every missed resident could lose $13,000. >> reporter: all about the money.
. we'll wrap with a look at virginia. with those taillights on 66 headed eastbound, they're clearly below speed between route 50 and route 23. back to you. >> thanks, angie. >>> president obama says the plan to allow drilling off the shore of virginia is part of a larger energy plan. the president made his announcements yesterday at andrews air force base. he says energy independence is a national security issue. mr. prom is lifting the ban on drilling 50 miles off the coast. new drilling could begin in two years. the president has a supporter in the move, virginia governor bob mcdonnell, a republican. >> when you were just a candidate -- when i was a candidate for governor, i talked about virginia being the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development, that we needed to use all of virginia's natural resources. >> environmental groups like the sierra club opposed the president's plan saying it could do eeklogical damage. >>> some healthcare advocates nationwide and on the hill are calling for a tax on soft drinks as a way to cut o
declaration for rhode island sending federal aid and coordinating assistance. >>> virginia highway crews have made sufficient progress after filling potholes from the blizzards. they have killed more than 120,000 pot holes statewide. commonwealth plans to continue its campaign through april 15. >>> the weather that caused the pot calls it is long gone. the temperatures are down this evening, but they are likely to go up. kyle is born has a look at the forecast. -- kyle osbourn has a look at the forecast. >> it is comfortable, 51 at centreville, after the high of 71. there is no wind to speak of. there is n wind chill, no heat index. 56 germantown, high of 69. the temperatures not quite as warm to the north and west. calvert high-school, 59 degrees. overnight, clear skies, smiled, and calm. the wind has died down. tomorrow looks fantastic, a great way to start the new month. the jury blossoms on the graphics, they ok nice, -- the cherry blossoms on the graphics, they look nice, but the real thing it is even nicer. >>> coming up, a liberal watchdog group and obese children. the combination has
of the first potential drilling sites is off the coast of virginia and many republicans are calling that decision to drill an economic godsend but will baker.s out waters off the virginia site feed into maryland's ecosystem and said it will introduce a host of new pollutants into the bay and the potential for a disastrous oil spill. >> all of the mr. crabs born in a year or 90% of them could be affected by a bad spill. that could wreak havoc for watermen and crab lovers for a decade to come. >> others shared similar concerns. we'll have more on that coming up live at 6:30. mindy, back to you. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of president obama's decision to open up coastlines to offshore drilling? email your response to, again, that's >> today the obama administration is requesting that new rules to build more fuel-efficient vehicles become final. >> the new rules will be phased in by 2016 requiring cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles a gallon. that's a nearly 50% increase. p
virginia tech university. the west baptist church claims the school is cursed by god because it promotes homo sexuality and idol worshiping. several tech students plan a peaceful counter protest against what they say is the church's hate speech. >>> washington region is home to the best real estate values in the country. gm-s highly publicized car is ready for you to take a test drive. it's 4:36, we'll be right back. >>> no issues on the toll road in virginia this morning. time for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. >>> we will see if wall street will make a come back after taking small losses. overnight asian stocks headed higher. here it's the start of a new quarter on wall street. we will get key economic reports including construction spending and unemployment. today the automakers will report sales numbers and analysts are betting on gains. checking the numbers, dow stands this morning at 10,856. after falling more than 50 points yesterday. nasdaq also took a hit, down 13 points. sp500 off four points. >>> home prices in the washi
drilling off the coast of virginia, fouth -- south to florida and parts of maryland. some leases are also approved in alaska. his plan, he says, will harness energy while protecting the nation's natural resources. >> in this announcement it's part of a broader strategy that will move us from an economy that runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil to one that relies more on home-grown fuels and clean energy. >> the chesapeake bay foundation warns -- caution that off shore drilling could have catastrophic controversy -- consequences, especially since one site sits near ocean city. >> environmentalists feel betrayed because president obama opposed off shore drilling when he ran for the white house. president president could win over key republican votes with this decision. >> the health of the chesapeake bay is a national priority according to an executive order issued by president barack obama last year. but now the president's approval of off shore oil drilling is causing environmentalists to question that commitment. >> i don't think it's a risk worth taking. i'd like to see wind energy deve
projects are revving up across the northern virginia. the five megaprojects under way are the beltway hot line, the dulles corridor metro rail project, the interstate 95 widening project, the telegraph road interchange, and the fairfax parkway extension. each project will have day and night time lane closures and long term the tours. drivers can expect many delays during the summer. >>> the department of defense has unveiled a weapons system to protect soldiers and marin on the ground. the package consists of cameras and gps mapping of friends and foes. the inventors say what makes this system revolutionary is the input that the soldiers had in its design. the system can be installed on any track in about 15 minutes and requires very little training. >> a former press secretary to gerald ford has died. this is a picture of him from his time in the ford administration. he was press secretary for just a month. he resigned in protest when president ford pardoned richard nixon for any possible crimes in the watergate scandal. he died in north carolina of congestive heart failure. he was 87 ye
of northern virginia, suburban maryland, anywhere where you can get away from the water. downtown 75 to 78 degrees. if you're up alongside the bay or potom temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. if you didn't think today would be nice enough, tomorrow even better. mostly sunny. friday and our first 80 degree day since early last october. but it won't be our last one. saturday also mostly sunny with a high of 83 degrees. hard to believe you can find anything to complain about. jerry edwards, i know if there's anything to complain about in there you'll find it. >> thanks a lot. let's head out and see how we're doing as the early thursday morning drive gets under way. a lot of overnight road work. capital beltway. traffic so light any lane closures having minimal effect. maryland, along i-270, southbound traffic, notice the right side of your screen bright patch is northbound road work. as you head south from montgomery village. the lanes are opened southbound out of frederick on down to the split. eun, pat, good morning. >> good morning. >> this morning investigators continue to piece tog
reaches the final four. one of the final four, the west virginia mountaineers are team- based over the maryland state line. just in morgan town. and their close proximity means they had a big falling here in maryland. weijia jiang has more on the local excitement for the team. weijia? >> mary in our road trip today, we found so many people who say they love living in maryland. but they love rooting for the ones next door. [ car honking ] >> reporter: there's something strange going on in maryland. >> let's go, mountaineers. >> reporter: in which traditionally terrapin terps make it impossible to see any red. >> let's go, mountaineers. >> we believe blue and gold here. >> but you live in maryland. >> i know. it's almost an oasis, if you will, in the big sea of red and white. >> it came to an end when michigan state beat them at the buzzer. but west virginia clinched a spot after beating kentucky, the first time in 19 years. >> it's the only thing in the state of west virginia that brings people together like it does. >> reporter: and driving just a few miles down maryland roads, lea
luxury resort is adding exclusive west virginia property to the holdings resort at glade springs. jim justice won't say how much he paid in the deal he describes as a bailout. they sufferd with the economy. justice says it's been profitable more than the green briar. >>> a european airline installing vending machines on planes to cut cost. passengers on ripe will be able to buy drinks sandwiches and snacks reducing the number of night attendants. >> you have to wait until you get at cruising altitude. we are safing quarters for the vending machine. tell us how to save more money. >> we are getting secrets from those coupon shoppers galore. we will make coupons work for you this morning. >>> michelle obama welcomes spring with the help of legal elementary school students. replanted the white house garden assisted by students from bancroft elementally and holland elementary. one thousand pounds of food harvested was used at the white house and area homeless shelters. >>> happy ending for puppies, three rottweiler puppies were found near death in northwest washington. they had collars to
, delays remain. same story on 395 in virginia as we switch on over. lots of traffic here. north of duke street approaching the mixing bowl. no incidents or accidents, just a lot of volume this thursday afternoon. all travel lanes open all the way to triangle. and we are going to finish up on 14th and independence, all the title basin. traffic, a lot of people down here, tour buses, people, locals trying to see the cherry blossom before it goes away. be extra careful. a lot of pedestrians on the street and we just got word of another accident on memorial bridge coming inbound. we have the same accident yesterday, so a dangerous spot with a lot of traffic going on out there. lesli, back to you. >> brace yourself as we head into construction season. vdot is working on five major road projects. crews are making progress on the bridge. the fairfax county parkway extension and widening i-95. two 1700 foot tunnels metro rail are being constructed under ground at tyson's corner. that's the same area where you should expect major delays. 123 in the beltway is where the project and the dulles me
. >> the plan is to make america less dependent on foreign oil. president says virginia will be the first atlantic seaboard statelingible to resume drilling for oil and natural gas. the virginia governor says that decision is a positive step in energy exploration. >> a year ago, when i was just a candidate for govenor, i talked about a vision of having virginia be the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development. >> environmental groups are opposed to mri oil platforms off of the coast. >> coming up next, supporters say it is a simple safety move. opponents say it is meant to force immigrants off the road. >> talking about what big change that could be coming to the weight one state gives its driver's license tests. >>> five d.c. men arrested for plotting a terror attack. they take another step toward learning their fate. ñ'ñ'ññoç÷]]óéñ÷÷ññóÑ,ñnn ?y;p;p/0ñññ÷÷qqaaaek]]suwwqukkksggokjÑ=;vjÑ3ñçogñgñgÑÑç??oóco!%%áh÷pñpñhñx÷x÷xñx÷0ñ ñ ñ'ñ ?p?p?p?p?p?p?p/p/p?p/p/pó
. >>> president obama announces an offshore drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. many environmentalist are not happy about it. they say it puts the blue crab population at risk among other things. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better, how could we be doing things smarter. >> reporter: president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make american less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore on the atlantic ocean is as much part of the chesapeake bay as we see right here behind me. >> reporter: the chesapeake watershed runs 8,000 square miles from upstate new york down to the susquehanna river, and down to the state of and the mouth bay and virginia beach. the head of the foundation says there's a lot at stake. >> 90% of the state's female blue crabs spawn at the mouth of the bay. the la laver a flow to the bay. an oil spill could literally wipe out an entire year class of blue crabs. >> reporter: baker says it would
energy developed offshore. >> one of the first potential drilling sites sits off the coast of virginia. republicans call the decision to drill an economic godsend. >> the good news is virginia is ready to go. >> will baker of the chesapeake bay foundation says waters feed into maryland's ecosystem. >> it is close to maryland city and virginia beach. the waters are as much a part of the chesapeake bay as this water behind me. >> banger believes drilling will introduce a host of new pollutants into the bay. >> all of the blue crabs born in a year or 90% of them could be affected by a bad spill and that could wreak havoc for watermen and crab lovers all over the by a. >> others share similar concerns. the chair to have s wildlife subcommittee says spills happen with the most responsible drilling. spilled oil does not stop at the state border. the entire region must have a say before starting any activity that puts our fisheries and seafood and tourism industry in jeopardy. >> it will not immediately lead to cheaper gas prices. they predict it will take years frr the oil to make its way fr
a long-standing ban on offshore drilling is getting bipartisan support in virginia. the president wants to approve oil and gas exploration along the atlantic coast starting with a spot 50 miles offshore from the commonwealth. republican governor bob mcdonnell says it will be a huge boost for virginia's economy. senator mark warner praises the decision as a way to gain energy independence which the president cites as one of his main goals. >> we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable home grown energy. >> it's a side show and could ruin beaches and tourism economy. >> seven years before any drilling actually happens. >>> former first lady barbara bush was released from the hospital today. she is the wife of former president george h.w. bush. she was admitted to the hospital in houston saturday and underwent several days of tests. hospital officials say it appears mrs. bush suffered a mile relapse of a thyroid condition which she was treated back in 1989. her medication has been adjusted. >>> still ahead tonight o
to be donors is low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors in virginia is almost twice as great as it is across the river in d.c. but now there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation across the country. the washington regional transplant community launched 30 days of videos on you tube. >> medi-vac'd to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: there are stories of organ donors and recipients. bobby heheay's is one of those. she received a transplant in 2006. >> i felt so good. it's a special feeling with transplant. you appreciate things you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. i am blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sids. there is no cure, no reason. her organs went to medical research. i hope one day in eithe my lifetime or kiley's little sister there will be a cure and kiley will help save other bies. >> reporter: another way for kiley to live on. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want to see more of the videos, visit >>> wicked weather bringing another dose of bad weather. in lake
maine to connecticut. >>> now to danville, virginia, where a church is dealing with a massive sink hole. the storm left behind the mess. a layer of mud and water are lining the entire first floor of the building. >> oh my goodness. i just -- i knew what hadhappened when i saw the hole and i said something drastic is going on. downstairs when i opened the church door, it was like looking at a lake. >> that sinning home is also causing structural problems. it cracked the foundation. >>> okay, lots of troubled weather out there, but not around here. >> lack of it and good to have it. we're looking at beautiful temperatures back today. 71 at national. we're going to get close to 80. if not tomorrow, it's coming in the wings, i thought that even if it's 77, 78, why not? just like today, go for the 80- degree mark. a lot of forecasts telling me 68 today, 67. awfully close to 70. we hit 71. i'll take the same forecast mentality to tomorrow and go for the 80 spot. 83 on friday, mid 80s into the weekend. the winds have died down tonight. calm winds pretty much everywhere. from 5 miles per hour,
and suspiciously in woodbridge, virginia. prince william county police are trying to get some answers. they say they received a 911 call around 9:00 p.m. last night from a townhouse on cedar. the child was unresponsive. was taken to the hospital where he later died. police have released the name of the child, but we are withholding that information because at this point, there is no indication of foul play. >>> we have an update on the five virginia member suspected of terrorism in pakistan. day one of their trial ended yesterday. the men who have been dubbed the dc five are accused of plotting attacks, but they deny the charges and they say that they were tortured in jail. they used to worship at this mosque until they went missing in november. a month later, they were arrested in pakistan. the father of one of the suspects was in court yesterday. >> they are innocent, so they would prove innocent. >> how? why are you so positive? >> because i'm innocent, that's why i'm positive. >> in convicted, the dc five could face life in prison. >>> today is census day. and the census director was at
in virginia have mailed their firms in. 54% in maryland. only 47% in d.c. -- there is still a long way to go. at freedom plaza, there were drumming away and giving away the message today. mail back those 2010 census forms now. >> this is not april fool's day. this is no joke, people. this is census day. >> it is a quick and easy form -- 10 questions, 10 minutes. this will determine how legislative redistricts will be -- legislative districts will be redrawn. >> my family sent it the same day we got it. >> was it hard? >> it was pretty simple. >> do you know where in your house it is? >> on my dresser. i will turn it into day. >> earlier this morning, it was a chilly ball. people could drop off census forms and pick up freebies for doing so. >> you put it aside. pick that form up. it will take you a few minutes. >> for every% increase in the mail back response rate, the bureau saves taxpayer dollars because they do not have to send counters out door-to-door. that is music to the ears. >> we are getting more music here. they really want you to get those forms in by april 15 if possible. come m
sunshine expected across the area from ocean city to the mountains of maryland and west virginia. it should be a nice looking afternoon with bright skies, brilliant blue out there and warm temperatures expected to top out as mentioned in the upper 70s and low 80s. 78 in washington, 79 in waldorf. cooler by the bay. a bay breeze. to temperatures in places like annapolis closer to mid-70s. still not bad this time of year. and i'll have the details of the weekend and the five-day forecast coming up. >>> and our top story this morning, you're looking at a photo of one of the victims of the deadly drive-by shooting in washington. a crowd was sprayed with bullets leaving four people dead and five injured. >> and now the community wants answers. it's looking to the city leaders to provide those answers. sarah simmons i joining us live this morning in southeast with more details. sarah good morning. >> reporter: family members are asking why this had to happen, especially when they hear the police tried to get one of the gunman off the street in connection with another shooting and also connected t
to the final four. one of the final four, the west virginia mountaineers, a team based just over the state line in morgantown. and their close proximity means they have a huge following here. weijia jiang has more on the local excitement for that team. weijia? >> mary, we took a road trip across the state and say they found so many people who say they love maryland, but love rooting for the mountaineers right next door. [ car honking ] >> reporter: there's something strange going on in maryland. >> let's go. >> reporter: in which traditionally terrapin terps pocket the mountaineers stance make it impossible to see any red. >> we believe in blue and gold here. >> but you live in maryland. >> i know. it's almost an aasis -- oasis. >> the men's tourney came to an end when michigan state beat them at the buzzer. so western junior clinched a spot after bookletting kentucky. the first in 19 years. >> it's the only thing in the state of west virginia that brings people together like it does. >> and driving just a few miles down maryland roads, brings you right onto the country roads of west virginia.
with that. what i read in the papers is that virginia arlington county proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. if only we could get d.c. and maryland on board a lot of our problems would be solved. >> the last two public hearings are tomorrow. one's in northwest and the other in rockville, maryland. go to and click on web links for details. >>> the forecast that will leave you talking just in time for the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. thounds spent the day checking them out and the next few days will be even better. in the weather center with what's in store. >> the cherry blossoms are enticing. i'm looking forward to seeing them myself tomorrow. upload pictures to our website at if you're down. talk about temperatures. what a reversal of fortunes. up to 71 today. dulles hit 73. so nice to get warm temperatures. raleigh 77. look at the heat all of a sudden. don't you feel like we've gone from winter to spring in a big hurry here. some are showing up on the weather map. dallas 83 degrees. wichita up to 85.
into businesses in virginia and maryland. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> lindsey, you had a chance to talk to some of those tourists. how much are they spending on average. have they said? >> a lot of tourists say they are trying to watch their budget, so they are going to a lot of the local vendors and not eating out at expensive restaurants. they are willing to spend more if they want something cherry inspired. when it comes to hotels, they are between $120 to $150 a night and already destination dc says they have 1,000 nights booked so far. lesli. >> they are here and they are spending and we'll take it here in the dc area. >> the best benefit is the weather itself. devon. >> temperatures well into the 70s in many places. many of us in the lower 80s. this is a dilema of mine. national is notorious for being warmer than everyone else. right now they are 73. everyone else is well into the upper 70s. we even have 80s showing up west. we have an update to that national temperature? no, we are still at 73. some of us outside of washington and see where we are. we hav
, risks versus the benefits for the nation. arlington, virginia. jason, republican line. caller: thank you for having me. my only point, like you just read in the article, what is the benefit? we are going to go ahead and we are going to go and try and however open ended this search for the 2% is going to be, you don't think that the people -- like the gentleman from texas -- texas, will people -- the oil people, if they figure out whether already oil like that, they would be taxing it already. like touched on, it would not go past delaware -- where joe biden on -- joe biden is, john carey -- but virginia is a go. i don't like it. host: your state officials seem enthusiastic. caller: i don't understand where the enthusiasm comes from. what is it going to exactly do for virginia? how long will it take and what will this take independence from? host: arlington, virginia. near washington. next is a call from virginia, this is a town of zero would -- william, democrats. caller: i think this would be a good thing. when i was being raised that i was told we were a superpower and we had all the n
our affiliates in richmond, virginia, and tampa, florida. >> florida's coastline gets an unexpected ally in barack obama. >> this announcement came as a shock especially to environmentalists. the president today announced his support for exploring and drilling for oil much closer to florida beaches. >> so today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources. >> this map shows you where drilling is currently allowed. this sort of beige area there. the red sections represent the new areas the president wants to open up. as you can see, much closer to florida's east coast and west coast. if congress agrees, oil derricks could go up just about 125 miles off the beaches, down from the current limit of 234 miles. an anti-drilling protest had already been scheduled in st. petersburg. it was sheer coincidence that the president made this announcement today. the message from our gulf coast communities is pretty clear. any risk of an oil spill is unac
drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. >> so how could this affect the chesapeake bay? karen parks is standing by the along the water to explain. >> many environmentalists are not happy about the plan at stake. among other things, maryland blue crab. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better? how could we do things smarter? >> president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make america less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore, on the atlantic ocean, is as much of a part of the chesapeake bay as what we see behind me. >> chesapeake bay watershed runs 8000 square miles. from upstate new york, down the susquehanna river out to western virginia. the mouth of the bay, is near norfolk and virginia beach. will baker of the foundation said there is a lot at stake. >> 90 percent of the bay's female blue crab spawn at the mouth of the bay. the larvae float out to the ocean in the top centimeter of the water column
. for example, virginia's new asounding attorney general, released a statement saying that the lawsuit he was bringing to overturn health care was only expected to cost virginia taxpayers a total of $350. this is amazing. listen to this. quote, attorney general kenneth t.cuccinelli released the cost of the lawsuit his office launched against the federal file health care reform act. the court filing fee for the case was $350 there has been no cost above this amount as the litigation is being handled entirely by the attorney general's staff. wait a minute. the attorney general and his staff work for free? they're doing this one pro bono with their own office supplies, sitting in their cars at the parking lot, not while they're at work, having their salaries and expenses paid for by the good taxpayers of the state of virginia? amazing. absolutely amazing. even more amazing, though, is what's happening in the great state of georgia. georgia's republican governor sonny purdue wanted very badly to get in on the frivolous action, but his attorney general, thurbert baker refused, telling the gove
news, washington. >> so far virginia leads the area with 60% of census forms being returned already. maryland is second with 56%. d.c. is in third with 50% insofar. >>> coming up tonight, u.s. naval warship off the coast today. >>> sex abuse cases involving brees. >> auto make wers a big boost in sales last month. >> major construction project in virginia that may cause headaches for commute. >>> the redskins planning to sxwin dine another quarterback prospect this weekend. vasquez picks up an impressive piece of hardware. capitals try to find their groove. live report from verizon as "news4 at 6:00" continues. for decades, the insurance lobby has called the shots... putting profits before people. but with gerry connolly's help... that's changing. with a law prohibiting insurance company denials... if you get sick or have a pre-existing condition. providing quality, affordable health care options... to individuals and small business owners. and closing the medicare prescription gap. congressman connolly, thank you. the democratic national committee is responsible... for the content
virginia. they won't be botring us. plenty of sunshine. mild today. little bit of a breeze right up alongside the bay. annapolis to st. mary's county cooler today. 78 downtown, our first 80 degree day the year coming up tomorrow. another one coming up as we head into saturday. a little bit of something for everybody not to mention it's the peak of cherry blossoms. you got to be happy about that and jerry edwards has a smile on his face. >> let's take a look over at the american legion bridge. folks are smiling as much as they can at 5:00 in the morning with no delays to report. overnight road work, head over to virginia, the road work on the beltway to near route 50 has been wrapped up. looks like the lanes re-opened. springfield interchange moving along very nicely. back to you. >>> this morning new information revealed about what led to a mass shooting in the district. nine people were hit by bullets in a drive by shooting in washington. now they were all gathered outside after a funeral of another murder victim. police have three suspects in custody, one man is suspected in both
wants to reverse a ban on offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be included. speaking at andrews air force base, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy signed to reduce our imports of foreign oil. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the drilling decision. >> reporter: at andrews air force base in prince george's county, maryland, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> so today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gags exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have be off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone can't come close to meeting our long-term energy needs. and if the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it is a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> part of that vision is coming true today. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell, whose state boasts 112
will allow oil platforms in water 50 miles off the coast of virginia and would lift the mother tore yum -- moratorium on exploration. >> given our energy needs in order to produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up renewable sources. >> reporter: would allow drilling from the northern tip of delaware to the coast of florida. >> more information as it comes available and to ascertain whether we believe that the downsides. detriments of oil and gas drilling off the coast overrides our concerns with the environment. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley is opposed to drilling off maryland's shores in the past now says he's neutral and he is now eager to begin working out the issues that need to be addressed in order to make this a comprehensive policy. >> oil and wort simply -- water simply don't mix. we're trying to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> reporter: more than 60% of our oil, some are willing to accept the risk. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why
and coastlines. >> it allows new oil drilling off virginia coast line and could place oil and natural gas platforms in the eastern gulf of mexico and portion of alaska. plan cancels proposed oil leases in brystol way and leaves in place a moratorium on westcoast drilling. public analysts argue it would be years before it produces a barrel of oil. >> what the president announced was a stud. >> several environmental groups angry and democrats. lautenberg issued a statement saying given big oil more access to the nation's waters is a kill baby kill policy. threatens to kill jobs, marine life and coastal towns that need it. others say it is a step flight direction. president is looking for g.o.p. support for the energy package stalled in congress. >> he did not go into it looking at what the political coalition would be. getting this past. he went into this thinking what's the best policy for the country and how do we get it done. >> president called for stepped up transition to energy and announced hybrid cars to the federal fleet. tomorrow epa announces new clean air rules around emissions.
that commitment. environmentalists say the waters of the virginia side feed into maryland's ecosystem. >> all of the blue crabs born in the year, 90 percent of them could be affected by a bad spill, and that could affect the watermen, crab lovers, and the whole bay for a decade to come. >> some share similar concerns, but most republicans say the decision to expand offshore drilling is a godsend. the obama administration finalizes the new rules requiring car makers to build more fuel-efficient vehicles, which would mean changes to the road, the air, and your wallet. the rules would require cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles to the gallon, almost 80% more than they get now. some environmentalists believe we will see 20% less greenhouse gas emissions when it is all said and done. as for savings, the prediction is drivers will save $3,000 in gas over the life of the card. -- car. the baltimore city council president is answering questions raised by the lebanese team regarding his residency in baltimore city after an investigation of the water bills of his madison street home su
environmentalists concerned. one of the first potential drilling sites is off the coast of virginia. many republicans are calling it an economic godsend. pointing out water taufs virginia site feed into maryland's ecosystem. they say there is the potential for the disastrous oil spill. >> all of the blue crabs could be affected by a bad spill and that could wreak havoc for a decade to come. >> others shared similar concerns. we'll have more on that part of the story coming up at 5:30. back to you. >> all right, thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of president obama's decision to open up coastlines to offshore drilling? you can email your response to watercooler at >> the new rules will be phased in by 2016 requiring cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles a gallon. that's a near 50% increase. >> those new standards will be finalizes reducing our dependence on oil and helping folks spend less at the pump. my administration is upholding its end of the deal. >> we're pleased that there is going to be one clear nationa
read in the papers is that virginia, arlington county are proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. now only if we could get d.c. and maryland on board, a lot of the problems would be solved. >> if you would like more information on the hearings go to and click on web links. >>> there are budget troubles for maryland which could mean more unpaid days off for state workers. later today lawmakers will begin debate. it calls to skip cost of living increases, merit pay and they are not asked to shift teacher pension costs in the coming years. >>> two d.c. councilman are entering the run to fill the position of chairman. the announcements come one day after chairman vincent gray announced he will run for mayor and must give up the seat. >>> coming up, we'll talk with adrian fenty about the announcement. >>> and a look behind 3-d television and how it will bring the feeling to your home. >>> and cherry blossoms at the peak right now. clearwaters, great reflection this morning. sticaround for tuckers forecast coming up. ♪ >>> 11 minute
: the president is ok'ing drilling off the coast of virginia, south to florida, not further north, not in california. some new leases okayed in alaska. environmentalists are upset. >> there's not much oil and gas. it looks like a side show. it could ruin beaches and tourism. >> reporter: even though they demanded more drilling republicans are hailing a positive step. >> the good news is that virginia is ready to go. >> reporter: and barack obama now hopes to get republican votes in congress for his upcoming energy climate change bill. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> a federal judge ruled wednesday government investigators illegally wired telephone conversations without a search warrant. the lawsuit was the last act of case pending that challenged this so-called warrantless wiretapping program, which was ended in 2007. the wiretap involved a conversation between a foundation member and the two lawyers about a recent treasury department declaration that the group supported terrorism. legal experts say the judge's ruling focused narrowly on this specific case, touch
. the entire metro area is benefiting, about $44 million is expected to get pumped into businesses in virginia and maryland. in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> and raining and cold out there like it usually is in april around here, all those tourists wouldn't be here. >> i don't think that's the case. maybe not quite as many. >> beautiful weather in place and just doesn't get any better than this. we are going to stay this way, maybe a degree, several degrees warmer over the next couple of days. at least we are looking at a long stretch here, just beautiful sunshine. not really any clouds to deal with. here's the next three days. i did have this front coming in overnight saturday into sunday. it's going to come in, but this front is really going to be a very weak front. it dies out so much. it's not going to have much of an effect. maybe a few clouds through sunday morning. maybe a couple degrees cooler. today, 74 at national. everyone else is upper 70s, even a few 80s. i'm going to go with 80 tomorrow. we'll see what happens. there we go, 79 here on sunday. overnight tempe
. it is in virginia. 395 northbound to get up to the pentagon. this is the delight to get past king street. they were doing earlier pothole stop. -- this is the the like to get past king street. that is all we need. long trips. >> thank you. >>> police say four people opened fire on tuesday night. one is still on the loose. we're learning new details about a possible motive. teaming up to try to stop the violence. courtney robinson is live with more. >> this community is calling this a senseless act of vience. police are searching for this fourth suspect, looking for any information they can. this as the community mourns the loss of four teenagers. brishell jones is one of four dead, killed in a hail of gunfire tuesday night. jones was just 68. >> my only child is dead. >> what makes it worse for her mother, nardyne jeffreries, as the one bracelet resulted in the shooting death earlier this month of jordan howe. a day after his death, a suspect in this murder, orlando carter, was shot in retaliation. he is being charged with three counts of murder. >> we have to come together and take their communiti
news. >>> the trl begun for the five virginia men charged with terrorism in pakistan. they were arrested in dember on charges of terrorism and plotting attacks. prosecutors claim they were planning to go to afghanistan and join the taliban. if found guilty they could spend the rest of their lives in a pakistan prison. all five deny charges. >>> a man pronounced dead by paramedics only to be found alive. tonight those paramedics are going back to work. every at 11:00. >> both paramedics have been cleared for duty. they were called to a house last week. they declared george waters dead. the 90 minutes later the coroner realized he was still alive. he was rushed to the hospital where he later passed away. the case is still under investigation. and other ems personnel have been ordered to review the protocols there. >>> in virginia this man is charged with kidnapping a high school student while she was walking home from school in fredericksburg. police say the girl accepted a ride from the 85-year-old who then locked her in the car and touched her inappropriately before she managed
more ran from virginia. go. >> congressman more ran. >> yes. jason mater are a from virginia. >> big fan, 12th district of virginia. >> good. >> we got $2 million of stimulus money. >> yeah. >> so i wanted to thank you about that. >> that's good. >> even though the state of virginia says the 12th district does not exist. >> yeah. >> it was one of those bogus districts that didn't get any money. look, look. i have got something else to do. don't, that's really inappropriate for you to pull -- i understand i have got other things to do. >> are you apologetic at all that you are wasting taxpayer dollars with billions of stimulus package? supposed to create 3 million jobs. supposed to create 3 million jobs. you lost 3 million jobs. >> show some respect. >> bill: that reminded me of the jim bunning interview when the guys -- got him in the elevator and he was saying look, show some respect. how do you reply? >> listen, barack obama and his bevy of czars have piled up more debt with the first period of his administration that george w. bush spent in eight years. this fiscal time bomb is wa
, west virginia, up to 48 degrees at this point in time. satellite picture over the last couple hours just some mid and high level clouds drifting overhead, but otherwise warm breezes are going to be coming in from the west and the northwest this afternoon, so temperatures will continue to soar. plenty of sunshine, delightful today, a little bit cooler for you folks that live right up alongside the chesapeake bay from annapolisouthbound to st. mary's city and back around places like port tobacco, just a little cooler right up alongside the water, barbara. but wait till you see the seven-day forecast. a guaranteed warm-up that will make you think we've gone straight from easter to memorial day. >> i like it. okay. thanks a lot. >> all right. >> let's check in with jerry to see if there are any problems on the roadways this midday. jerry? >>> hi, barbara. lots of roadwork and lots of significant delays. it is a parking lot. left side of your screen, 95 southbound, delays begin in springfield and it is jammed most of the way down to woodbridge, construction taking away the right side of
but only in virginia. president obama's decision to open up offshore drilling is driving a wedge between democrats. senator frank lautenberg saying drilling off the coast of virginia would endanger many of new jersey's beaches, but virginia democratic senators jim webb and mark warner are firmly on board urging president obama to move very quickly to open mid atlantic shores for oil and gas exploration. with us now for a fair and balanced debate, bob beckel. he's professor of advanced political studies at george washington university, he's also a fox news contributor. and dana perino, former white house press secretary, she's a fox news contributor as well. welcome to you both. >> thank you. trace: bob, you knew -- the president had to know which this going to raise a ruckus in the democratic party, right? >> oh, sure, he did. it was something he said he would do in the campaign, but the amount of drills we're talking about here is an awful lot. so the question is politically how does it play out for him? one, it does attract independent voters, but secondly, it will set the stage, i thi
off butler versus michigan state and west virginia versus duke. great games. all of the action starts at 6:00 p.m. >> still ahead, at noon, new benefits and old drug could reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. >> for instant updates on the news update the first weather forecast log on to our web sight. researchers found taking avatar would improve that finding by 23 % and more research finds screening could lead to fewer heart attacks and death. could be more cost effective at the same time. the current recommendation suggests starting to screen for type ii die beat he's. the computer model compares different age groups. fines starting as early as age 30 would be more than official. >> be sure to check in with eyewitness news today at 4, 5 and 6. a shopping discovery. new mexico police find body parts including a skull. >> it's all the rage on you tube. georgia girls singing in the car. the serious reason the dad made this video public. join us for the day's breaking news. today at 4 right after dr. phil. >> stay with us the 5 day forecast is coming right up. ,,, allergies? chlor
. the state of virginia has the highest rate in our region with a 57% of households returning the census forms. maryland, 54%. d.c. lagging behind with only 47%. if you don't mail your form in beginning in may, the census takers will begin knocking on your doors. the u.s. constitution requires census takers to visit every household that does not mail the form back in and it is at the cost of taxpayers. several promotable events were held around the district today and encouraging folks to mail the forms back in. a local radio station helped spread the word at ben's chili bowl on u street. residents stepped up to learn more about the questions. only asked once every ten years. and folks were able to drop off their forms. census bureau director robert groves also stopped by to answer questions. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton was among dignitaries behind a census rally at freedom plaza. folks here were also reminded how census data are used to up portion congressional seats of state and what communities will receive a portion of more than $400 billion in federal funds. it was yet another stop
graham and u.s. congressman eric cantor of virginia, a state coastline that president obama's including in his pro-drilling move, are saying good things about the president's plan. plus, republican lawmakers in georgia are calling for the impeachment of that state's attorney general. why? because he refuses to file a lawsuit claiming that the new health care overhaul is unconstitutional. so, i guess it's unconstitutional to not say the president's unconstitutional. is that the deal? the attorney general joins us tonight from georgia. >>> also, how's this for outrage? you've heard of that kansas church group that protested of the funerals of americans killed at war. they say military deaths abroad are god's punishment for tolerance for gays here at home. now, a father who's suing the group has been ordered to pay their court costs. the dad's with us tonight. talking about outrage. >>> and when someone wants to endorse you for u.s. senate, make sure they're not the sort to make you more enemies than friends. that's advice to florida governor charlie crist might have wish period he'd follo
-out" clauses. and virginia has already passed one. because of that, virginia's attorney general-- republican ken cuccinnelli-- has filed a separate lawsuit against the federal government. >> i'm doing exactly what i said i was going to do when i ran for office and i got more votes then anybody running for attorney general in virginia history. people of virginia knew what they where getting when they elected me. >> woodruff: when president lyndon johnson signed medicare into law 45 years ago, it, too, ran into opposition from the states. in some cases, because it required racial integration of publicly funded hospitals. those challenges failed, and many legal scholars say this new batch of state lawsuits will fare no better. and at the white house, presidential aides maintain none of the cases bears any legal merit. >> i think that for many decades, the supreme court has recognized congress authority under the commerce clause to regulate activities relating to interstate commerce. my advice from counsel is that we'll win these, we'll win these lawsuits. >> woodruff: there's also push- back fr
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